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Former D1 Tennis Athlete Clenches CNYTA Tennis Tournament Gold with RheoPro Ankle Braces

Josh Druger wins 2023 CNYTA Tennis Tournament

Syracuse, New York – This past weekend, tennis fans witnessed some incredible matches at the CNYTA Tennis Tournament in Syracuse, New York. Among the standout athletes was none other than Josh Druger, a former Binghamton University Division 1 tennis athlete who displayed his skills on the court with a remarkable first-place victory. What's more impressive is that he attributed part of his success to the RheoPro Ankle Brace, a game-changer for athletes like him.

Life After Binghamton:

Since his graduation from Binghamton University four years ago, Josh embarked on a globetrotting journey, exploring Hawaii, Israel, Spain, and Italy before eventually settling down in the bustling heart of New York City, where he carved a path in the world of finance. Despite the busy city life, tennis remains a vital part of his identity, and he continues to play whenever the opportunity arises.

Josh travels to Hawaii, Israel, and Italy before starting job in NYC
A Return to the Court:

Competing on the tennis court has always held a special place in Josh's heart. The CNYTA Tennis Tournament presented a fantastic opportunity for him to rekindle his competitive spirit and experience the thrill of tennis once again in his hometown.

"It was nostalgic! I actually played my very first tournament at the same tennis club when I was 12, so things really came full circle," Josh shared.
The Role of the RheoPro Ankle Brace:
Josh with his RheoPro Ankle Brace

Tennis is an exhilarating sport, but it also involves quick, multidirectional movements that can make ankle injuries all too common. Josh had previously relied on sports tape for ankle support but found it somewhat restrictive at times. This time, he decided to try something new – the RheoPro Ankle Brace.

"I found it to be very supportive of my ankle but still allowed for breathability and full range of motion!" Josh explained. "I will definitely be using the RheoPro brace for my next tournament in the foreseeable future."

The RheoPro Ankle Brace is designed to provide athletes with the perfect balance of stability and mobility, empowering them to play with confidence while minimizing the risk of ankle injuries. Developed with the input of athletic trainers and elite athletes, it's the ultimate solution for those seeking comfort and support during intense matches.

Doubles Glory and Future Plans:
Josh wins CNYTA tournament with doubles partner Ludovico Cestarollo

Josh Druger's return to competitive tennis was doubly rewarding as he teamed up with his close friend, Ludo, to clinch victory in the doubles tournament. While the goal was to have fun and enjoy the experience, they managed to secure the title while staying injury-free.

"It's always great to play doubles alongside Ludo. He's been one of my best friends since freshman year of college when I first joined the tennis team," Josh shared. "It was nice to win the tournament and remain injury-free along the way!"

As for his prize money, Josh put it to good use – covering his transportation back to NYC and treating himself to a well-deserved steak dinner upon his return.

When asked about his future competition plans, Josh mentioned that nothing is set in stone yet. Still, one thing is clear: he's eager to compete again soon, and with the RheoPro Ankle Brace in his corner, he'll be better prepared than ever before.

A Look Back at Josh's College Tennis Career:
Josh playing D1 tennis at Binghamton University

During his time at Binghamton University, Josh Druger left his mark on the tennis court. As a junior, he secured 11 combined singles and doubles victories, notching an impressive singles win over Colgate and a doubles win against Clemson. In his sophomore year, he won 14 combined singles and doubles matches, with nine singles victories primarily playing at No. 6. Additionally, he secured five tournament doubles wins. As a freshman, Josh posted two singles wins and four doubles wins, including dual match victories over UConn and Niagara.

Josh's recent success at the CNYTA Tennis Tournament demonstrates that his passion for tennis remains as strong as ever. With the RheoPro Ankle Brace by his side, we can expect more thrilling performances and victories from this talented athlete in the future.

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