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Free to Athlete

We are dedicated to supporting the health of athletes

so they can participate in more practices & competitions

and experience more breakthroughs & victories.

Ankle Injuries Are Prevalent in Sports

of all injuries among US high school athletes are ankle injuries


of all athletic injuries are ankle related


of people who have sprained an ankle are likely to do so again


ankle sprains happen in the US every day

We Make Professional-Level Ankle Support Accessible to All Athletes

Get the snug feel of ankle tape without being taped

& the support of an ankle brace without limitations in mobility.

What Does Free to Athlete Mean?

Being an athlete is a huge part of our identity, but it's hard to play with confidence when you're worried about injuries, especially if you've had one previously.

Being free to athlete is being able to play without fear and perform at your peak.

It's being healthy to experience more competitions and breakthroughs.

Freedom of Movement

Freedom to Go All Out

Free to Athlete

Our Story

How was RheoHero born?

When Ludovico played D1 tennis at Binghamton University, he always noticed basketball players rushing into the training room before their practice. They all got their ankles taped and multiple athletic trainers spent over an hour just to assist them with this tedious task.


So he thought: “Why do the athletes need to get taped all the time? Isn’t there a better option that can also save time for them and their trainers?".


The reality is that there isn’t. Athletes like tape because it is slim and snug. Braces would save them time, and while effective at protecting their ankles, they are very bulky.


RheoHero bridges the gap between taping and bracing by finally providing an ankle support able to provide a tape-like feel with a brace-like level of support.

The name RheoHero

The word 'Rheo' comes from the Greek word that means flow. Rheology is the engineering field that deals with the flow of matter

At RheoHero, we exploit the ability to combine materials with different stretching capabilities to provide a 'heroic' solution to ankle injuries. 

About rheopro

Rheopro is our ankle brace designed for athletes in sports with a high risk of ankle-related injury. It is also a great solution for athletes who have had an ankle injury in the past and are looking for preventative support. Rheopro makes professional-level ankle support accessible to all athletes. We worked with top athletic trainers, physical therapists, and athletes to design the perfect ankle brace for sports, effectively merging stability with mobility.


Access free tips from top sports physical therapists and athletes to help you stay healthy and perform at your best.

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