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Happy National Student-Athlete Day!

Today is an opportunity to recognize the outstanding accomplishments of student-athletes. These students succeed in sports, excel academically, and positively impact their communities. We talked to 4 alumni who reflected on their time as student-athletes, shared what they learned, and the memories that stick with them to this day.

Leone Farquharson - Cornell Track & Field Alumni

My favorite memory from track and field is traveling around the Caribbean for my first Junior National competition for Jamaica in the CAC U12 Games in 2011. I was super nervous, but I have always dreamt of traveling, and the sport has gifted me with this in ways I could not even imagine! International competitions can be nerve-racking, but the excitement of travel is always so fun! The sport means the world to me as it has taught me life skills and self-management skills and blessed me with some of the most amazing human beings in this world. It has taught me that your only limit is you.

Kolby McGowan - Cornell Football Alumni

I remember doing drills in the spring at 5am with about 100 other dudes that are all suffering through the same thing. I think that built great brotherhood and I learned how to achieve the same goal with a large group of people. It’s something I carry with me in my professional career today.

Brianna Burkley - St. John's Track & Field Alumni

Being a student-athlete made me into the person I am today. It taught me how to be disciplined to reach a goal and how to be patient while trusting the process.
Purpose fuels passion.
When I got discouraged, I always went back to that quote. It reminded me to look back at my goals and what I wanted to achieve, and it gave me a sense of motivation and a “why” to find excitement in the journey of being a student-athlete.

Darius Scott - Cornell Track & Field Alumni

Being a student-athlete is a full-on display of unwavering sacrifice, dedication, and passion. No matter the outcomes of our sport, we let our effort define who we are while embracing adversity and everything that comes with it.

We couldn't agree more. Being a student-athlete takes incredible sacrifice, selflessness, and dedication, but the lessons, memories, and teammates that become family make it an experience worth every second.

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