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Matteo Berrettini's US Open Ankle Injury & Tips for Tennis Athletes on Injury Prevention

The 2023 US Open brought us some thrilling tennis action, but it also delivered a stark reminder of the physical toll the sport can take on athletes. Matteo Berrettini, a former Top 10 player, suffered a distressing ankle injury during his second-round match against Arthur Rinderknech. The injury forced him to retire from the tournament and reminds us of the importance of injury prevention in tennis.

Berrettini's US Open Ankle Injury: Matteo Berrettini's unfortunate ankle injury sent shockwaves through the tennis world. In the midst of his match against Rinderknech, Berrettini rolled his right ankle, causing him immense pain and forcing him to retire from the competition. This incident highlighted the vulnerability of tennis players to injuries, particularly ankle injuries, which can have a significant impact on their careers.

"Certainly not the way I hoped my US Open would end," said Berrettini in an Instagram post. "I have been working closely with medical experts since I left the court. We are now waiting for scan results to determine the best next steps."

After a full medical exam, Matteo Berrettini announced that he sustained a ruptured ligament but also revealed that his ankle injury did not cause as much damage as originally feared. "I’m extremely disappointed that I will not be able to represent Italy in Bologna, or compete in the ATP events in Asia. Now I start my intense rehab to hopefully return to tour shortly after the Shanghai Masters. Thank you again for all the kind messages," he wrote.

How to Prevent Ankle Injuries in Tennis Tennis is a demanding sport that requires agility, speed, and precise footwork. Ankle injuries can be devastating for players, leading to prolonged recovery periods and potential setbacks in their careers. Here are some essential tips for tennis athletes to minimize the risk of ankle injuries:

Proper Warm-Up: Always start your tennis sessions with a thorough warm-up routine. This helps increase blood flow to your muscles and prepares your body for the physical demands of the sport.

  1. Strengthen Ankles: Incorporate ankle-strengthening exercises into your training regimen. This can include resistance band exercises, balance drills, and calf raises to enhance ankle stability. Check out our article for ankle exercises you can add to your workout routine.

  2. Footwear Matters: Invest in high-quality tennis shoes that provide excellent support and traction on the court. Ensure that your shoes fit properly to avoid any undue stress on your ankles.

  3. Technique and Form: Focus on proper tennis technique, which includes maintaining good balance and foot positioning. Pay attention to your form during lateral movements and quick direction changes.

  4. Rest and Recovery: Allow your body ample time to recover between intense training sessions or matches. Fatigue can increase the risk of injuries.

  5. Consider Ankle Bracing: Ankle braces like the Rheopro Ankle Brace offer a proactive approach to injury prevention. These braces provide the stability you need while allowing freedom of movement during matches, reducing the risk of sprains, strains, and rolls.

Don't let ankle issues hinder your performance on the court. Matteo Berrettini's US Open ankle injury serves as a stark reminder of the physical demands of tennis and the importance of injury prevention. Tennis athletes can significantly reduce their risk of ankle injuries by following proper warm-up routines, strengthening exercises, and technique improvements. Additionally, the Rheopro Ankle Brace offers a cutting-edge solution for athletes looking to protect their ankles while excelling in their sport.

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